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Published: 12th July 2010
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The pure gold is the regarded auspicious in Indian civilization since ancient times. Gold jewelry is the most important part of any Indian wedding. Bride is gifted gold jewelry by her parents and parents-in-law. This gold jewelry not only makes her beautiful but also becomes part of her personal property. In addition, people wear their gold ornaments on various important occasions like weddings, birthdays, festivals. Gold is a precious metal and its value is always on rise. It is considered good form of investment.

Pure gold is a very soft and ductile material which is used for making jewelry in almost all the parts of the world. There are several jewelry pieces which are made from gold. These jewelry items include necklaces, bangles, rings, earrings, nose pins, watch and many other things. Gold jwelry enhance the personality and adds elegance to the outfit worn.

Pure gold is very soft and is not suitable for jewelry making. It is mixed with some other metal to make alloy. This alloy is strong enough to make the durable jewelry and soft enough to make any type of ornament easily. The other metals used for alloying include silver, zinc, palladium and copper.

The unit to measure purity of gold is karat. The purest form of gold measures 24K which is not used for jewelry making. However, any alloy below 10 K cannot be termed as gold. You can judge the purity of gold by its percentage. 24k gold is equivalent to the 99.9% gold, 18K refers to 75% gold, 12K refers to 50% gold and so forth.

If different regions of the world, different percentage of gold is preferred in jewelry making. For instance, in America, 14-K jewelry is popular while in UK, 9 karat and 12 karat are common. In India, 22k gold jewellery is a norm.

As gold is a very expensive metal, often jewelers cheat customers by making jewelry with low karat gold and selling that jewelry as high karat jewelry. This happens because common people cannot differentiate between different types of gold jewelries. It is only when an expert have a look at the jewelry piece, he can tell the difference between pure and impure. When you for Jewelry shopping, only go to a reputed dealer. They sell hallmarked jewelry only. Hallmarking is an international standard for pure gold jewellery.

These days online jewelry shopping is also popular. These way customers can buy jewelry even from the international jewelers. To make sure the purity of gold, it is advisable to reputed online stores only.


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