Godrej Refrigerators In India

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Published: 12th July 2010
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Godrej is a leading brand in India in the field of electronics and home appliances. Godrej is time-tested company and it has carved a special niche in the hearts of consumers in India. People trust the brand name of Godrej. Though initially, it started out with manufacturing of steel cupboards, later on it diversified in the field of home appliances. Godrej refrigerators are among the most popular refrigerators in India.

Godrej products are known for their quality and reliability. Godrej manufactures refrigerators to suit the demands and requirements of consumers in India. Looking at Indian weather conditions and people's food storage habits, Godrej refrigerators can be the right choice for your home. Basically Godrej produces two types of refrigerators namely Frost free and direct cool.

Frost Free refrigerators are designed with latest cooling technology and the latest features.These refrigerators are built in line with the international technological standards. For each type, there are several models available with varying features, colors and sizes. Frost free refrigerators from Godrej have a long list of features such as Cool Shower Technology, Cool Air-current Design, PolyBag Suspenders, and Toughened glass trays, Crisper Temperature control, Anti-B technology, Zop Technology, Apex Door Design and more.

The latest series of Godrej Refrigerators are the excellent pieces of technology. They are equipped with Cool Shower Technology which is the first of its kind in the world.

There are inbuilt air vents in all the shelves.As these vents are placed directly above the food, they ensure superior cooling. There are hangers given inside the freezer to hang the polybags of the frozen food. There are scientifically designed air vents in the freezer for better air flow. These refrigerators also feature active carbon deodorizer which keep them odor free by eliminating unfavorable odor. Moreover, the toughened glass shelves can bear the load capacity up to 150KG. To keep your food items intact for long, these refrigerators allow you to control the temperature just precisely. There is also a humidity control feature which keeps the humidity in check. Anti-B technology provides Silver ions in the air duct which heln ant-microbial resistance. It keeps the food germs free and fresh for long.

Direct Cool Refrigerators are designed on traditional lines but with latest technology. They are star energy rated and save electricity to large extent. They are equipped with ZOP technology which keeps them rust free and resulting in longer life. If you want to buy Godrej refrigerators, you can search online for more details and looking at its models. You can find Godrej refrigerators prices also from reputed online retail stores.

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