Honda Aviator a disc brake Scooter

Published: 05th August 2010
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Honda Motors and scooters are one of the leading automobile dealers in India. It covers a major share of the two wheeler market in India. In last 25years Honda has sold millions of bikes and has made a good reputation in the market through their quality of products and unrelenting commitment to the excellence. It's all new Honda Aviator is an amazing scooter with a sleek design and high performance. This gives you a great pleasure and experience while driving in the city traffic. Honda Aviator is superior to all other scooters of Honda and people are getting crazy for its decent pricing and chick style and hence pursued to buy this scooter as soon as possible. The material that is used is of a high quality and is consumed in the best possible way.

Aviator offers the same 102CC engine that of the Honda active, Dio and Hero Honda pleasure. Till where it's about Aviator's characteristics, the peak power and the maximum torque are 7 bhp and 8 nm respectively. Aviator is pretty heavier than the other scooters of Honda but its fuel efficiency is the even better due to its more precise clutch. Generally scooters have two kinds of brakes; Drum brakes and Disc brakes. Drum brakes are those which use shoes or pads that press against lining on inside of the wheel to hold the movement of the wheel. But these brakes have a number of disadvantages like they apt to overheat, which can also cause brake fade and which may also result in some injury or accident.

Disc brakes are far better than the Drum brakes. Disc brakes are attached to the device called a brake caliper which mechanically depressed on the wheels, stopping movement. Above all it has an option for alloy wheels as well and it has bigger wheels than other scooters of Honda. This scooter is available in five colors; Black, Red, Grey, Purple and Silver. This scooter has gained a lot of appreciation in such a small time and giving a continuous competition to the other bike manufacturers in the market and in fact it is a big competition for the scooters of Honda as well. Honda Aviator is the most reliable and appreciated scooter all over the country thus, you can easily rely on this scooter and buy it before anyone else does.


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