TVS Apache RTR 160 Fi Bike

Published: 24th July 2010
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Bikes are counted as most lovable and likeable possession. There are many things that can be graded as great and valuable with the bikes.

TVS needs no introduction and is counted as a renowned brand that churns out top most models of bikes. The latest bike model introduced by this famous brand is the TVS Apache RTR 160 Fi. This bike model has got the best of make that works as a magnet for the bikers and prompt them for its purchase.

TVS Apache RTR 160 Fi is recognized as the new addition to the list of present TVS bikes. This is an awesome 160cc bike that imbibes sporty looks and pledges to deliver speedy performance which is recorded as major priority of bikers. Embracing stylish looks, speedy performance and great mileage, TVS Apache is made just the way bikers want them to be.

TVS is pointed out as a fabulous manufacturer that has added a 250 cc bike in series of TVS bikes. TVS Apache has taken the brand reputation to peaks as it is crowned to be the most stunning addition to the list. As this bike model is considered quite stylish, it needs to be taken care of well by the bikers. This bike where on one hand, delivers a great mileage of 46 to 48 kms, on the contrary is tagged with an extremely affordable price range that is an addo to it priority over other bike models.

Take this TVS bike on road and discover the WOW factor that it has. The pick up is great having a superb throttle response. Take it up to maximum speed of 100 kmph in just few seconds of your drive. Certainly this quality has made it love of fast sport bike riders. The riding posture offered to bikers is also classy cum sporty. A little leaning forward and stretching up of arms to take complete grip on handle, is what is claimed as beauty of riding with these bikes.

This TVS bike features a fabulous dashboard display and including a fuel gauge, ODO, speedometer, and a time indicator. TVS apache is a great buy for those who love to ride bikes having great pick up, and a noteworthy mileage. Due to the reason that this bike has an international branding and embraces latest technology, it stands capable to defeat even the other promising and claimed to be best bike brands.


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