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Published: 21st May 2010
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Water coolers are there for long time. However, these days, people are commonly using them at homes and offices.Though initially, these appliances were used in offices only because of high water cooler prices, later on people started using them in their kitchen also once they understood its use. Water coolers are of two types; bottled and bottle-less water coolers. Both of these kinds have their own benefits.

With Bottled water coolers, you need to use a water bottle to supply the water to the cooler. It does not need any plumbing and is highly portable. You can place it at any corner of the office. These are widely used at occasions, festivals, and event or at a get together. It is widely used at construction sites where temporary offices are set.Water from the water cooler is fresher and cooler.

Bottle-less water cooler do not need bulky water bottles to be attached to them.It is attached to existing plumbing which gives unlimited supply of water. These are called plumbed water coolers. You can easily use tap water with this kind. Plumbed water cooler is perfect for home use. Though installation is little complicated, later ion it needs little maintenance.Let us learn about some popular water coolers.

Voltas water cooler is counted among the excellent products. Voltas is a well established company in the field of manufacturing cooling devices. Voltas 150/150 Tushar PSS is a very efficient machine. It has a high energy efficient compressor which speeds up the cooling process to deliver cold water faster. It consumes less energy and keeps water cool in case of power failure for longer time. It is available at a price range of Rs. 35,660 to 40,354 only.

Other popular brand in this category is Krona water cooler.Krona is a well known name in the water cooler market.It produces water coolers which help you live a safer and healthier life. They produce different models of water coolers to cater to the demands of different classes of consumers. This water cooler is available at a price range of Rs. 15,290 only.

Likewise, Usha water cooler is another excellent option you have. It is made from stainless steel material which makes it durable. It has power supply of 230 10%, 20 storage capacity, 390 watt power input and more useful features.

You can also look at Blue Star water cooler as it Blue Star is a very reputed brand in the cooling industry.The Blue Star SDlx-100 Water Cooler is a useful appliance. It has 380 (liters) Storage Capacity. It has Stainless Steel tank, Eco friendly functioning, Easy controls, faster cooling and more.

You can search online to get more information about water cooler before you buy one.

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